Stride Get conversation history

Stride - Get conversation history

Authentication required, with scope participate:conversation This method returns messages after/before a given messageIDs or/and timestamps. If these parameters are omitted the method returns conversation???s latest messages.

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Stride is a cloud-based team business communication and collaboration tool, launched by Atlassian to replace the cloud-based version of HipChat. Stride software is available to download onto computers running Windows, Mac or Linux, as well as Android, iOS smartphones, and tablets

Curl command through

curl -v -h "header{header_value}" -h "header{header_value}""{cloudId}/conversation/{conversationId}/message?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}&afterMessage={field_value}&afterTimestamp={field_value}&beforeMessage={field_value}&beforeTimestamp={field_value}&limit={field_value}"

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